5 Best Practices for Perfecting Your Corporate Headshots

Corporate headshots play a crucial role in making a positive first impression on clients, colleagues, and potential employers. In the business world, a professional appearance can significantly impact your success. Whether it’s for your LinkedIn profile, corporate website, or team bios, having a polished headshot is essential. In this article, we will explore five best practices to help you perfect your corporate headshots and ensure a consistent and professional presence in your organization.

A corporate headshot with a clean and neutral background, allowing the subject's face to stand out

Preparing for Your Headshot Session

Before you step in front of the camera, adequate preparation is key to achieving the best results.

  • Choosing the right photographer: Selecting an experienced professional who specializes in corporate headshots is crucial. Look for a photographer who understands your goals and can guide you through the process.
  • Understanding the purpose and style: Clarify the purpose of your headshots and discuss the desired style with your photographer. Whether you aim for a formal, casual, or contemporary look, ensure that it aligns with your professional image.
  • Wardrobe and grooming: Plan your wardrobe and grooming ahead of time. Dress in professional attire that reflects your industry and position. Pay attention to details such as grooming, hairstyles, and accessories to present yourself at your best.
  • Practicing facial expressions and body language: Spend some time in front of a mirror practicing different facial expressions and body language. Experiment with subtle variations to find the most flattering and natural look for your headshots.

On the Day of the Headshot Session

  • Arriving well-rested and relaxed: Ensure you have a good night’s sleep before your session and take measures to relax. Being well-rested and calm will help you look and feel your best during the shoot.
  • Communicating with the photographer: Establish open communication with your photographer. Share your goals, concerns, and preferences to ensure they capture the images that align with your vision.
Posing during a headshot session
  • Experimenting with different poses and angles: Don’t be afraid to try different poses and angles during the session. Explore variations while maintaining good posture and facial expressions. This experimentation will give you a range of options to choose from.
  • Reviewing and approving shots during the session: Many photographers offer the option to review the images during the session. Take advantage of this opportunity to provide feedback and ensure that you are satisfied with the results so far.

Tips for Posing and Expression

During your headshot session, keep in mind these tips for posing and expression to capture a professional and approachable image.

  • Maintaining good posture: Stand or sit tall with your shoulders relaxed. Good posture conveys confidence and professionalism.
  • Smiling naturally and authentically: Aim for a genuine smile that reaches your eyes. Practice different levels of smiles, from a subtle smile to a full grin, and choose the one that suits your personality and the intended tone of the headshot.
  • Engaging the eyes and projecting confidence: Focus on the camera lens and imagine it as a person. Maintain eye contact, as it creates a sense of connection and confidence in your headshot.
  • Avoiding distracting facial expressions or gestures: Be aware of any unconscious facial expressions or gestures that may distract from your professional image. Practice minimizing excessive movements or expressions that can divert attention from your face.

Post-Production and Image Selection

After the headshot session, it’s time to review and select the best images that represent your professional brand.

  • Reviewing and selecting the best images: Collaborate with your photographer to review the images from the session. Consider factors like composition, lighting, and overall aesthetics to narrow down your options.
  • Basic retouching and enhancement considerations: Professional retouching can subtly enhance your headshots. However, it’s important to strike a balance and avoid excessive editing that could compromise the authenticity of your appearance.
  • Ensuring consistency and professionalism: If you plan to use the headshots for multiple purposes or across different platforms, ensure consistency in terms of background, lighting, and composition. This will maintain a cohesive and professional appearance.
  • Choosing appropriate backgrounds or environments: Depending on the intended use of your headshots, consider selecting backgrounds or environments that complement your professional image. For corporate profiles, opt for clean and neutral backgrounds that don’t distract from your presence.


Perfecting your corporate headshots requires careful preparation, effective communication with your photographer, and attention to detail. By following these five best practices, you can ensure a polished and professional appearance that reflects your brand and resonates with your target audience.

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